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  Katie Cone is a singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Golden, Colorado. She began playing piano at the age of five, and added violin at nine. She became first chair violinist throughout her schooling, played in her church orchestra, and took private lessons. She competed and earned all superior marks in the Colorado State Solo and Ensemble contest with violin. While in high school, she picked up ukulele, guitar, cello, and guitalele. Katie began singing and songwriting throughout high school, and realized how much she enjoyed performing. She began playing and singing at conferences, weddings, and church events.

Katie attended the University of Colorado Denver, and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music with an Emphasis in Singing and Songwriting. Realizing a passion for teaching as a senior in high school, she began teaching privately and has been doing so for seven years. She teaches violin, piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele along with music theory and songwriting classes. Katie has taught students as early as three years of age to adults 70+. As a teacher, she strives in helping students reach their goals by shaping lessons according to each unique individual. She focuses on sight reading, technique, ear training, and musicality. She believes music lessons should pave the way towards confidence in performing, knowing technique, and bettering one’s overall musical knowledge yet also be fun! When she is not teaching, Katie continues to create music and advance her singer-songwriter career. She has had the privilege of writing and working with top songwriters and producers in Nashville, and is currently working on releasing an EP under her stage name, Lost Blonde. You can listen to her latest release below. 

Lesson Information


$30/30 minutes

$45/45 minutes

$60/60 minutes

I teach at my home studio, located by the foothills in Golden, CO

Online Lessons Available through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime 


How to pay for lessons

I accept Cash, Checks, or payments made through paypal.com, cash app, zelle, or venmo.com 

Piano lessons

-ages 6 and up

Voice lessons

-ages 7 and up 

Intro to Songwriting

-ages 12 and up

Violin lessons 

-ages 9 and up

Guitar lessons

-ages 7 and up

Ukulele lessons

-ages 6 and up

Music Theory Tutoring

-ages 7 and up

Private lessons


Student Policies



-Payments must be made weekly or monthly. For payments made monthly, payment is required at your child's first lesson of the month

-I accept cash, checks, or payments made through paypal.com, cash app, or venmo.com

-Please make checks payable to Katie Cone. 


Extra Fees:


-Lesson books will be needed for each level. Usually a student works on a level for a complete year, before I will give them permission to continue on to the next level. However, this depends on the student’s learning process and how frequent and continuous their lessons and practice time will be. There may be other books I will recommend such as technique, theory, or sight-reading books, but will let the student know ahead of time.

-Instrument accessories such as a tuner, music stand, violin shoulder rest etc will usually be provided by your local music store, but just wanted to include this information on the extra fees for the parents’ sake. 




I expect my students to arrive on time for lessons, in order for them to get the most out of their lesson. I will cancel a lesson if there is a no show after the ten minute mark. If you think you will be delayed, please call to let me know you will be coming. 



Any lesson that I have to cancel will be made up, schedule permitting. 

24-hour cancellation policy: lessons cancelled with twenty-four hours advance notice will be rescheduled, schedule permitting. Students are responsible to pay for lessons cancelled without twenty-four hours notice. However, in extreme cases such as the student gets sick or a family emergency, I do not believe it’s fair to make the student pay for the absence and therefore will not require payment. Please do not bring your child to their lesson if they are sick or under the weather.

Holidays and Closures:


Due to unpredictable circumstances, I will usually follow the Jeffco School District with weather closures and holiday closures. I will contact the student by email and/or phone about these cancellations. If one is unclear of whether there will be a lesson, please feel free to contact me by my phone or email address.

Studio Phone and Email: Please feel free to reach out by calling or texting my cellphone number for questions over policies, cancellations, inquiries etc at: 303-842-5256


                    I also will communicate over email with updates on lesson information and possible cancellations or rescheduling. You may feel free to communicate with me by email. My email address is: kcmusiclessons2@gmail.com 

First Lesson Info:


  1. Please bring any former repertoire the student has worked on in the past

  2. Students are allowed to bring water into the studio/lesson room, however, I will please ask that no food be brought in to the lesson room

  3. Parents: for the first lesson, I ask you to stay with your child for the duration of the lesson in order to understand what is expected of them 


Student Referral Discount: I am always happy to take on new students, and love when students come recommended. There will be a 20% discount for the referrer (student/parent) for their next lesson.   

Please don't hesitate to contact me about these new policies. These studio policies are created for your student to get the most out of their lesson. 


                    Thank you for your understanding!




                            Katie Cone


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